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  • How much do you charge?    How do I book? 

My standard rate starts at £60 for a minimum of 2 hour booking, £65 if glitter tattoos are required.
I will usually insist on a minimum booking of 2 hours unless very local to me, in which case I may be open to working less than 2 hours for a reduced rate. Additional time can be booked at the rate of £20 per hour. I am happy to discuss package deals for multiple or full day bookings, dependant on travel distances etc.

I request a small deposit for most bookings to secure the date for you, this is to be returned along with a completed booking form. The remaining balance for all private events is due cash on arrival on the day of your event or bank transfer prior to the event. Please contact me for further details.


  • How many children can you paint?

We can usually paint approx 20-22 children in a 2 hour event, depending on any stopping for activities, food please bear this in mind when making a booking if you wish every child who attends to be painted. If you have less numbers then there is no reason why adults can't join in the fun too!


  • What type of paints do you use? Is there a risk of allergies?

I always use good quality water based paints (Snazaroo, Diamond FX, Superstar, and Grimas). All face paints are manufactured using only ingredients fully compliant with EU & FDA toy and cosmetic regulations and are non-toxic.  All paints I use are water-based. This makes them as easy to get off as they are to put on. Simply remove with soap and warm water; there is no need for scrubbing or harsh removers. Please remember that due to the high pigment content some colours may stain. I only use cosmetic poly-glitter. If you are in any doubt about any allergic reaction, a patch test will be offered. I clean utensils, wash containers, brushes and sponges thoroughly after each session and I change the brush water frequently during sessions.


  • Are there some people you won't paint?

Yes. I will not paint children under the age of 3 years. I will, at my discretion offer a small arm design. This is due to the sensitivity of young children's skin the paints are recommended for children aged 3 and up therefore my insurance cover will not allow me to paint on children under 3. I will only paint children who can sit still ON THEIR OWN or, if nervous, on their parents knee and can ask for their chosen design themselves - by speaking or pointing. There is no upper age limit!  I am unable paint any child with a cold sore/eczema/chicken pox, if the child is unwell or has any other apparent skin disease. An arm tattoo may be offered instead, if appropriate. 

It is your responsibility to ensure that parents/guardians of those attending are aware face painting and/or glitter tattoos are taking place. Any child who should not be painted or tattoo'd should be made known to us at the commencement of the booking.Parent or Guardian I ask that you please clean any dirt or food from the child’s face before painting.

I also reserve the right to refuse to paint anyone who is abusive, violent or intoxicated


  • How do I remove the paint?

To remove face paints simply use good old soap and water, and a flannel or sponge! I do not recommend using baby wipes for removal as they can cause skin irritation and redness. Note that some slight staining may remain, but will fade quickly and be removed after a few washes - this is perfectly normal.

  • Will you work outdoors?

Yes I will, but it is your responsibility to provide a suitable shelter from rain and shade from the sun, to protect myself and my equipment. I retain the right to refuse to work if you have not provided the shelter/shade. If you have any queries regarding this, please contact me to discuss. Please indicate indoors/outdoors and shelter provision on the booking form.


  • Do you provide your own tables/chairs?

I provide all my own equipment including my own chair and table.


  • Are you insured? Are you CRB checked?

Yes. I hold £6m Public Liability Insurance covering me for face painting. I can provide a copy of this to you upon request, at the time of booking.
I hold a DBS certificate, however Face painters are not required by law to hold a DBS as we are not (and should not be) left in sole charge of children.


  • Do you face paint for charities?

We will choose to work with a few charities each year, please do not be offended if you ask and I refuse. I can only do so much charity work as I still need to be able to cover costs and pay my bills.


  • Do you cover Corporate events? Can you provide more than one face painter ?

Whilst I do not employ anyone in my business I can indeed source a team of face painters / tattooists for your event. I have a group of colleagues in the local area, plus others who can travel for full day bookings, whom I can ask to, attend your event as part of my team.
Please contact me to discuss your requirements. If an outdoor event, cover will need to be provided.
If an indoor event, please ensure we are not immediately in front of any entrance/exit or fire doors as we tend to draw a large crowd and this could cause a health and safety issue.
Costs start from £30 per hour, however all day bookings will be discounted. For bookings over 4 hours we will require a short break and toilet breaks as required.
To book we can invoice your company and payment must be made prior to the event, there are no credit facilities due to being a small self employed business.

Frequently Asked Questions.....